quinta-feira, 17 de fevereiro de 2011

Happy Birthday Paris!

Hello Babies!

How are you!

If you don't heard about it, today is Paris Hilton's Birthday, and I'm here, to talk about how much I love her.

People ask me why I love her so much...

Most of people look at her and see a crazy-rich-girl, a party girl, spending money all time. But when I look at her, I just see a little girl with her fears and dreams.

She could keep quiet, she didn't need to do anything for her life, but she had her own dreams, and she fought for them!

So, everyday, when I'm feeling sad or stop believing in myself, I think about her, and it makes me feel better. When things are bad, I ask to myself: What would Paris do? She is my muse, my inspiration, and I could write about her for days, but it wouldn't be enought to express my love and admire her.

Love you from the bottom of my heart.

Wish you the best.


P.S. Every year, I always wait for her birthday to plan my own birthday party. It's coming! Bye! Related Posts with Thumbnails

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